What We Do

In today’s modern world, the clothing we wear and the accessories we carry often reflect our personality and individuality. Contemporary clients cherish the ability to stand out from the crowd, and we at StayFly make sure we offer to them products that appeal to their individual nature. Our passion at StayFly is to preserve the legacy of the American lifestyles and take immense pride in reminiscing about the iconic times of American fashion.
StayFly’s clients are adventure seekers and are never bound by the diktats of conventional society. Our customers are free thinkers with an inner strength and spirit which is inherent in personal style and self-confidence. Through our products we ensure our clients are comfortable and in control, whether they are in the cockpit of an airplane, boat, or car, their style is just as personal as their diverse interests.
We are an all American aviation merchandise brand that designs collections using authentic materials drawn from our historical archive of aviation apparel. We at StayFly tailor new trends to carefully represent classic fashion with contemporary. We take immense pride in discerning the most premium materials, accurate details, great fitting, and thoughtful design, all of which are characteristics of timeless tradition.